My name is Jason Eppink and this is my blog. At some point in time I will write three succinct sentences that clearly express who I am and what I do. Alas, we have not arrived at that point in time yet. (More!)


I want to know everything! I struggle with the fact that this is impossible pretty much on a daily basis. (If you know something that I might not, please tell me!)

Currently I serve as the Assistant Curator of Digital Media at the Museum of the Moving Image. I'm interested in where filmmaking, programming, and play intersect. Ultimately I'm interested in meaning, which is probably like saying "I'm interested in what is interesting."

I create things. You can see a lot of them at Senseless Venn Diagrams, my ridiculously disorienting portfolio.

If you noticed the clear rubber hose on my shoulder in the photo, you are pretty observant!

I will hopefully write more later!
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